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The Solo Path of Independent Spirituality

The solo path of Independent Spirituality focuses on increasing consciousness and enlightenment, knowing and loving ourself. As the spiritual seeker progresses they will reach out un-selfishly to help others. This solo path of devotion is not the easy path comparing to religion where the person justifies their ego driven behaviors and finds support, comfort, and security within the socialization of the religious group.

Key Elements to Attain for the Independent Seeker:

  • Independent Focused Spiritual Devotion
  • Re-Contextualizing of the Ego from selfishness to unselfishness
  • Increase your level of consciousness and enlightenment
  • Know Yourself through The Human Design, Archetypes, and Astrology
  • Identify how to remain in the light, and avoid shadow behaviors
  • Attain Independent Spiritual Maturity through inner faith and non-attachment

Spiritual Maturity through Re-contextualizing the Ego:

Re-contextualizing the ego requires removing the focus from your self-centered interests and desires — you need to change the ego and heart from selfish/shadow to unselfish/light which is love. The ego will always exist because it induces our identity, yet it is possible to live with a healthy unselfish ego that cultivates an optimistic heart. Of course the spiritual student must be and maintain their health. To practice a level of acting unselfishly can start with your time. Strive to identify the direction of your spirit guides and a situation where you can help a person in need and that is deserving of help, not everyone is deserving of your help and you can harm your inner heart. All the ancient scriptures teach this quality of acting unselfishly.

Identify Shadow Behaviors:
The shadow side of the ego brags about oneself, lies to the injury of others, falsely accuses others to the benefit of oneself – mostly relating to a low self-esteem. Behaviors such as backstabbing, slandering, and sabotaging others that causes injury are based on the dark shadow. Also, shadow behaviors act upon harming oneself through addictions and other self-destructive actions.

Spiritual Maturity directly relates to our personal behavior and our level of consciousness. Spiritual Maturity and Independent Spirituality refrains from an outward appearance projecting before the eyes of others of a superior demeanor, and completely avoids secretively involved in abusive behavior that causes injury that has produced a reputation among priests, gurus, and certain teachers of enlightenment. A spiritual mature person will always seek the positive and avoid causing emotional, physical, financial, or spiritual injury upon others.

Positive and negative energies exist within the world. Where you live, work, and your interactions in life are dominated by shadow and light experiences. The shadow thrives within egocentric selfishness—the light is motivated unselfish behavior toward self and others and thrive within a healthy ego.

Archetypes, Astrology, and Human Design have light/positive and shadow/negative inclinations. Ignorance of oneself and your human design allows the shadow to manifest its cunning and deceptive nature. We all experience the light and shadow aspects of our archetypes and human design.

Humans living within this complicated stressful world just get caught within their shadow web through conditioning of the media, religion, and cultures. The remedy is to learn about both aspects of the light and shadow and work hard at overcoming shadow behaviors.

As this third dimensional world pursues a “non-caring attitude,” the level of atheism is becoming an epidemic. Spiritual Maturity requires courageous effort because the dark entities will create detours within the independent spiritual path.

The Roadblock of Religion:
Pursuing a life of religion leads into shadow ego behaviors that are based on dogmatic positioning. The vast limitations within religion creates roadblocks; the ego deluded into its specialness and correctness causes a level low level of consciousness.

Most religions such as the Abrahamic Religions of the West hate one another and have a history in killing each other, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are related through Abraham.

Other ardent paths contain cult ideology such as The Latter Day Saints, The Watchtower Society, The Family International, also including many Guru followings such as the following of the hugging saint Amma. Religions use shame, guilt, and fear that locks in the follower and in-turn causes an emotional and spiritual roadblock.

The emotions of Shame, Guilt, and Fear decrease consciousness. Ardent controlling dogma generates negative emotional congestion that handicaps spiritual progression.

Religions that teaches that their organization or group claims the truth, but outside them is considered “worldly/sinful,” and then judges you if you depart their organization or following — this path is a complete deception.

Devotion Paths for the Spiritual Independent Seeker:

The Bhagvada Gita teaches different “yogas” defining as devotions. There are many different styles of devotions or directions an individual can pursue.

Taking in knowledge is key to spiritual growth; however, as the world strays from the past time of reading and research ignorance increases. Fearlessly seeking the truth is essential for spiritual growth.

Jnana Devotion:
The Practitioner pursues enlightenment via the path of Knowledge, study and meditation.

Karma Devotion:
A path to enlightenment based on selfless action.

Mantra Devotion:
A path based on the repetition of sacred sound.

Bhakti Devotion:
Devotion based on following and learning from a Guru. (Independent Spirituality learn from your inner Guru or teacher not external.)

The Chakras: Light vs Shadow:

The seven chakras are the energy centers of the human being. The majorities are ignorant of how the chakras operate and how to keep them clear of negative energetic imprints. Crystals clear and balance the chakras, however comprehending the light and shadow behaviors of each chakra can aid to pursuing the light.

Root Chakra:

  • Keywords – Tribal/Loyalty – Fear – The right to be here
  • Power – Grounding
  • Lesson – All is One
  • Light – Family Identity, bonding, and loyalty – You feel grounded stable and secure
  • Shadow – Excluding others, illusions of superiority – You will feel fearful or nervous, greed and materialism also relates to the shadow

Sacral Chakra:

  • Keywords – Money, Power, Sex – Guilt – The right to feel
  • Power – Creativity
  • Lesson – Honor One Another
  • Light – Survival instincts (fight or flight), resilience, perseverance, risk taking, sexuality and sensuality, Open to intimacy with others.
  • Shadow – Unemotional and stiff toward others, sexual power play, disempowering or using other to your advantage, can be overly emotionally attached toward others

Navel Chakra:

  • Keywords – Shame – The right to act
  • Power – Self-Respect
  • Lesson – Honor Yourself
  • Light – Self-esteem, self-discipline, ambition, courage, generosity, ethics, intuition, assertiveness
  • Shadow – chronic lack in self-esteem, narcissistic behavior, relinquishing personal power of choice out of need for approval, passive and indecisive, domineering and possibly aggressive

There is a dividing line from the first three Chakras and the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. The majorities are living within their first three charka because of the negative emotions of Fear, Guilt, and Shame that the world religions and cultures pursue.

Seeking spirituality and acting within the qualities of the light will help to live within the heart chakras and above.

Heart Chakra:

  • Keywords – Sorrow – The right to love and be loved
  • Power – Love and Compassion
  • Lesson – Love is Divine Power
  • Light – Forgiveness, dedication, inspiration, hope, trust, kindness, friendly
  • Shadow – cold and distant, jealousy, anger, resentment, inability to forgive, selfish love

Throat Chakra:

  • Keywords – Lies – The right to speak and hear truth
  • Power – Choice
  • Lesson – Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will
  • Light – Self-expression, Faith, self-knowledge, personal authority, Keeping your Word, you speak with assertiveness.
  • Shadow – Obsessive need to control relationships and events, introverted and refrain from speaking, not speaking the truth, bad listener

Third Eye Chakra:

  • Keywords – illusion – The right to see
  • Power – Wisdom
  • Lesson – Seek only the Truth
  • Light – Insight and visualization, intellectual skills, evaluation of insights, generating wisdom from experience, strong inner intuition.
  • Shadow – Defining the truth in self-serving ways, not good at thinking for yourself, rigid in thinking, may live in a world of fantasy

Crown Chakra:

  • Keywords – Attachment – The right to know
  • Power – Inner Divinity
  • Lesson – Live in the Present Moment
  • Light – Faith in the Divine, Inner Guidance, insight into devotion and healing, spirituality oneness
  • Shadow – unaware of spirituality, need to know why things occur, living in the past

Understanding the light and shadow behaviors of our chakras will allow in seeker to adjust their life to remain within the behaviors of the light.