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The Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

fasting can save your liveWe live within a world where food dominates the majority while physical activity continues to decrease and fasting is nonexistent within many cultures. Humanity physically toiled prior to the 20th century, thus eating a big meal of meat, potatoes, and cheese were needed. Most farmers and villages raised their own cows, sheep, chickens, and grew their own vegetables that produces excellent quality of food—some countries around the world still live this way, but as the corporation enslavement continues globally, life becomes sedentary and fat.

As the corporations dominate West and other parts of the earth, the animal product supply is tainted with growth hormones and other chemicals that create obesity and a sluggish (zombie) mind. Although this is the truth of the world, especially the western world, the majority starts their day with drinking coffee and sugar, eating animal products, poor quality bread, and will eat boxed, can, and frozen food, and the worst the majority continues to indulge in faty fast-food. The consummation of food affects our body, mind, and our spiritual disposition.

Fasting can change the perception of food and can help to identify your food addictions

Raw fresh foods are alive with nutrients compared to processed or fast foods that are dead foods that germinate a dull mind and a lethargic body. HD Television appends to the unhealthy lifestyle of a poor diet. Fasting can dramatically assist a person in their once a person decides to change their style of consumption.

The Art of Fasting

The Art of Fasting extends into history connected with spiritual individuals. Jesus fasted for forty days, John the Baptist fast as a lifestyle, Moses commanded the Israelites to fast, The Buddha continually taught against the over consumption of food. In addition, The Bhagavad Gita concisely teaches the healthy foods that correlates with a spiritual lifestyle. Islam annually fasts once a year during the daylight for a whole month. Indeed, fasting and food moderation coincides with spirituality.

Many cultures are fat and out-of-shape, the western cultures suffer the worst (especially America) but also cultures such as India. Some cultures are based on reputation, if you are fat you must be well-to-do economically. The majority around the world struggles with an addiction to food.

Fasting can change the perception of food and can help to identify the food that your chemistry is addicted from and why your body might suffer from consumption.

Different styles of Fasting:

  • Water Fast (no food)
  • Juice Fast with water (no food)

A Juice Fast is notably beneficial. The documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” proves the positive effects of juice fasting.

Other healthy styles of eating:

  • Raw food with One cooked meal a day
  • A Raw Food lifestyle (no cooked food)
  • Vegan (no animal products)
  • Vegetarian (no meat)

Eat According to your Blood Type

Spiritual progression will enhance by focusing on Raw food and occasional fasting or weekly fasting.

The corporations that control the world produces fatty foods that are manipulated to dull the mind and keep people dumbed down in there fearful fatty lifestyle as emotionally unstable zombies. High Definition Television, Poor Quality Food, Lazy Inactive Lifestyles, Video Games that included Handheld Gaming, and Delusion From Religious Culture creates a powerful roadblock that opposes steadfast spirituality. One of the prime elements that the Powers of the Darkness use against the light is addiction. The world is addicted to stimulants, food, TV, and beverages including a long list of behaviors and chemicals. An addicted non-caring mind is subjected to weak will-power. The lost of Will Power generates inadequacy and fear. Once the emotion of fear dominates the individual, the emotion of Paralyzed Will controls the emotion reality.

Fasting aids the individual’s clarity of mind. Fasting may allow the individual to experience The Divine Presence. Fasting can help overcome addiction.

The only requirement is a strong mind and determination to pursue a healthy lifestyle of fasting that contradicts the non-spiritual majority. Progression and change may be slow and calls for time, even so, each progressive moment during fasting can aid in setting an example and helping others to comprehend the light of truth.