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Optimal Spiritual Energy: Cleansing The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra relates to the physical and among a world where materialism, arrogance, and negative energy rules the norm—it is a challenge for many free spiritual seekers of truth and light to attain optimal spiritual energy when the chakras are clogged. A fast paced life roots-out an inner connection with the your unique inner spirit; nowadays, many people experience spiritual disconnection from their inner-self, afflicted with a congested spiritual aura and the root chakra, thus, continually live in fear.

Attaining spiritual balance requires personal heart driven effort

Few individuals that live at a higher level of consciousness, compared to the masses, possess a deep felt heart condition to continually pursue the depths of spirituality. Pursuing an advanced level of spirituality will consist of trials and tribulations; thus, the weak individual will quickly fall off the path attempting to increase consciousness. There is the “middle natured” positioned individual that remains bogged down upon the fence between spirituality and the world. This classification of ‘middled natured’ defines as a Rajasic Character, one of the three natures that dominate humans taught within the Bhagavad Gita. Matthew wrote about the analogous context when Jesus taught about the “sower” and that only few would be the ones who classify as the seed dropping on fine soil.

the spiritual body and the root chakraThere are several factors that prevent a person from progressing spiritually. One factor is a congested aura of our Etheric Luminous Spiritual Body. The Luminous Energy Field extends about a yard and even further from our physical body. This energy field is our aura. Our Spiritual Body directly connects with the root chakras. Our energy field is our prime source of fuel that can energize ourselves. Today most of society is energetically depleted from several external elements, and internal such as negative emotional baggage. The powers of the darkness completely comprehend what situations, lifestyles, and external elements will weaken and corrupt the luminous energy field and the emotional reality. Corrupting our energy field may consist of a trauma situation occurring in childhood or throughout our lives. Traumatizing an individual through loss or abuse creates darks energetic blots that slow, clog, and even stop the spinning of the root chakra. These dark energetic blots cause an imprint and negatively affect the emotional and spiritual reality, in-turn, negatively affect the physical perception of life including our health. To attain a positive level of spiritual health requires our chakras to freely spin and clear Chi flow through our medians.

The Root Chakra

Progressing into a higher level of consciousness requires testing the individual’s integrity, trust, and will-power

The powers of the darkness create situations that slow down the first two chakras. These chakras are our earthy root connection. The Root Chakra is directly related with hoarding, predatory behavior, chronic fatigue, birth trauma, and abandonment issues. As mammals of the animal family we must connect with earthly elements. The capitalistic world endeavors at disconnecting our root chakra from earthly connected elements; henceforth—feeling of orphaned and motherless abound in the world and more so in the west. Egocentric drives dominate over family and social responsibilities, while material attachments prevail—gifted creativity becomes unknown. Fundamental instincts amplify (survival) under a manipulated economic system. The majorities dwell within a mode of “survival” because of high amounts of financial debt, and a dogmatically positioned cultural perception of wants and needs.

A part of spiritual progression into an advanced level in which internal and external elements of present and past negativity are surrendered, requires clearing out the first chakra.

Clearing out and Reactivating the Root Chakra:

The most effective method to clear out your Chakras is during a shower. Put one hand on the base of your spine (sacrum) and use three fingers about 6 inches out from your root Chakra and spin your fingers counterclockwise facing your body about five to ten times. Then rinse your fingers vigorously to wash any stagnate energy. Then spin with your fingers at the same Chakra clockwise to activate the wheel.

If you are new to this process you may just want to do the root chakra, or you can continue to the second chakra so forth.

Make sure you rinse your fingers between each counterclockwise spin and in-between chakras.

Releasing your Emotional Baggage:

Independent Spirituality offers The Inner Pure Method that is designed as a self treatment. The Inner Pure Method can increase consciousness, surrender negative emotional baggage that is appended within the emotional reality, clean and revitalize the inner spirit from dark corruption, and strengthen the aura against lower entity attacks.

The Inner Pure Method resets the chakras, removed energetic imprints from our aura, and releases emotional baggage . If you experience yourself carrying excessive amounts of emotional baggage you should seek out methods that can take off layers first.

Opening the Chi Flow:

The best way to open the Chi flow is through acupuncture or acupressure. Acupuncture directly discharges Chi blockages. Also, understanding and living by the Daily Meridian Clock allows the Chi to flow on a daily bases.

Connecting with Earthly Elements:

  • Eat more Raw Food—optimal amount is 60{8220c1a33060fec471315e6daf5461c7d44a6ed7feb0a087554632635fe47c2e}
  • Start to Garden, veggies, herbs, flowers
  • Start Sun Gazing
  • Sleep Outside on the ground in the Summer
  • Start to Bicycle
  • Find a Nude Hot Spring

Elements to Avoid:

  • Television
  • Microwaves
  • Synthetics—Use Natural Elements
  • Processed and Fast Food
  • All Beverages except Filtered Water and Tea

Food intake is crucial—Raw/Vegan lifestyle is optimal. If a person cannot maintain such a lifestyle avoiding processed foods from a box and all fast food increases personal health.

Energy comes from 5 different sources:

  • Plants and Animals
  • Water
  • Air
  • Sunlight

Biomagnetic energy know as Chi which is absorbed through the Chakras.

The easy path leads to a negative worldly disposition—the overnight fix is a myth. Spiritual progression requires effort and a deep heart felt desire for the light. Four Instinctual drives dominate—fear, feeding, fighting, and sex, and are mirrored in the agendas of the two lower chakras. The compulsion to overeat and to hoard money are material attachments is the negative expression of the feeding instinct. An unbalanced root chakra manifests scarcity and lack. With a clear root chakra, the mentality of scarcity disappears and spiritual progression will accelerate.