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The Free Independent Spiritual Lifestyle

Pursuing a Spiritual lifestyleReligious Dogma around the world teaches that God expects the spiritual lifestyle to worship within the form of bowing, kneeling, singing, celebrations, food focused religious holidays, and other variations of worship. Most of the main religions are split within different branches and sects resulting from historic discrepancies within the dogma. Historically, Islam and Christianity shed blood over split differences between Shia and Sunni in Islam, and the West and East of Christianity. Religions around the world exist as a two fold purpose.

The Divine Source will always support your spiritual efforts

The powers of the light use religion as a source to motivate an individual that is spiritually weak. The powers of the darkness use religion to cause a roadblock, generate strong attachments, and a powerful dogmatically unmovable position that produces divisions. The individual will benefit though a path of religion only if the person identifies the time of spiritual growth and when to abandon the religion and pursue free spirituality that allows spiritual advancement. The prime emotions that prevent the abandonment of religious attachment are fear of loneliness (loss of social network), and guilt. Ignorant of independent spiritual progression the programed mind may struggle to deprogram from indoctrination of false dogma, detaching from a dogmatically positioned lifestyle, and to purge oneself from negative emotional baggage of shame, guilt, and fear. The transformation to a free spiritual lifestyle is challenging.

The individual spiritual seeker must comprehend the difficulty of pursuing a lifestyle of “True Worship”. Ardent worship feeds energy to the Demonic Entities. Worshiping by bowing down, kneeling and other body positions or emotional outbursts of an outward expression before the eyes of others is trivial to the wisdom of the powers of the light. The Divine Source desires spiritual qualities of strong inner faith, integrity to truth, courage to face the trials and tests from the darkness, selflessness toward our fellow citizen.

The Divine Source will always support your spiritual efforts. Selflessness is the main goal that coincides with attaining a higher level of consciousness. The powers of the light will allow the darkness to test you, yet, confronting spiritual tests will prove yourself spiritually strong and courageous within a weak world of fear that lacks will-power. Each step of progression appends to your spiritual growth inner strength, level of consciousness, and builds will-power. The person enmeshed within their religion chooses the easy lifestyle, yet deluded by the ego.

The individual will benefit though a path of religion only if the person identifies the time of spiritual growth and when to abandon the religion

The solo free spiritual seeker will travel the difficult path, even though, the ultimate intimate Divine relationship will be granted upon such an individual in attributable time. If you made the choice to travel solo on your spiritual journey and you experience yourself completely alone, you are on the affirmative path. Jesus taught that the truth seeker should be no part of the world; religions are the main branch of this world. All the religions of the world are a form of Idolatry, and it is the individual seeker to identify this truth and depart from the “middleman” which slows spiritual progression. All the ancient prophets taught similar truth, yet tailored to the current culture and mind-set. Anyone who attains a higher level of consciousness awakens to core realities that each spiritual seeker strives to attain.

Core Spiritual Realities

1. Selflessness:

Selflessness relates to transcending the ego and is the prime quality for the spiritual seeker. Surrendering the concern for our self, and changing our focus to help others without any concern about our time or money is one of the greatest achievements.

2. Self-Mastery:

There is a major decline of individual Self-Esteem and Self-Worth around the world. Self-Mastery or Self-Control over worldly addictions and desires are pivotal for spiritual progression. Fear generates weakness, and a loss of Will-Power; henceforth, self-mastery becomes alienated.

3. Seek to Serve Others:

Spirituality opposes selfishness. Serving others warms the heart and is the source of true happiness.

4. Continual Awareness:

Cultivating a strong level of circumspection is crucial to advancing spiritually. Negative music, HD Television, poor eating habits, and many other negative behaviors generate a deluded mind. The majorities are lost and disconnected from their inner-self, and dwell within a narrow-minded awareness.

5. Avoid Conforming to Worldly Behaviors:

The Scriptures around the word that included The Bhagavad Gita, The Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, The teachings of the Buddha, and others teach to avoid worldly behaviors and attitudes. Selfishness, Greed, obsessions with material attachments, food, sex, and other fleshly pleasures of instant gratification must be moderated, decreased, transcended, and surrendered.

6. Generosity of Non-Attachment:

True generosity focuses upon giving. Unfortunate, generous cultures are shame based due to their inner concern for honor. The Middle East and India are excellent examples. The shame based individual offers generosity to feel honorable. Often, the host will insist on the acceptance of the offering and repeatedly will motivate the individual to overeat and drink. Saying “No” because of a health issue can cause unwanted emotions that are connected with shame within the host. The shame based personality strives to avoid feeling humiliated, embarrassed, inadequate, and shameful. This level of generosity is backwards. True Generosity does not emotionalize, but offers without any attachment.

7. Cultivate Patience and Increase Humility:

We reside within a world that relinquished the quality of patience. Caffeine intake opposes a clam patient spirit. Instant gratification produced through modern day technology creates a fast moving inner disposition of anxiousness that conflicts with a serene level of mindfulness. Patience is a Virtue!

8. No Concern with Results:

This quality sums up the above qualities. Cultivating a disposition of selflessness disregards scrutinizing the results of the action.

The solo spiritual path is the difficult path. All cultures are designed to indoctrinate the child’s mind within its predominant dogma. Religious, Worldly, Atheistic, whichever family cultural up bring the person is raised within, deprogramming or “washing the brain” must occur to pursue free independent spirituality.

Jesus clearly taught at Matthew Chapter 7 13-14

Enter the narrow gate, for the gate is wide and the road is spacious which leads to destruction, and many are those who are going in it. How narrow is the gate and strict the way that leads to life, and few are those who find it!

—Aramaic Bible in Plain English

In this life and the next your Spiritual Efforts will always be beneficial.