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Increasing Spirituality: The Power of a Positive Perception

The Positive Perception of a flowerThe path of ignorance is guided by fear and negativity that opposes a Positive Perception. The saying “ignorance is bless” is a deception from the concise reality of the moment. Engulfed within the confines of a ‘comfort zone’ the individual perception of reality may be comforting; however, once the individual strives out of their comfort zone into unknown territory — fear can dominate the ignorant person. Common emotional dispositions that people are facing are uncontrollable worry, strong feelings of inadequacy, fanciful expectations that produces harsh disappointments, uncontrollable feelings of inner-want, all these emotional dynamics germinates addictive mind altering behaviors that suppresses spirituality and a positive perception.

Negative Mind Altering Behaviors dominate humankind around the world. Increasing your level of spirituality and positive perception requires to surrender negative addictions.

A Positive Perception Overrides Negativity:

The domination of a positive perception and intention can override a fearful emotional reality that incubates negativity. Studying spiritual cognition with the intention of comprehending the truth will dramatically decrease ignorance; yet, the concise truth of the Divine Plan concerning the separation of the light from the darkness triggers significant amounts of fear that leads into despondency. This negative emotional baggage depletes individual will-power to execute the deciphering of the deception among the world and hinders the pursuit of a positive perception of spiritual advancement that can effectively battle the powers of the darkness.

The path of ignorance is guided by fear and negativity

The energetic power of negativity is impacting the world that directly handicaps the abilities to problem solve, and to rob the individuals will-power of creativity and assertiveness. Our focus of perception determines our reality — if a person is always complaining about their lot in life, emanating energetic negativity, and playing the victim — that individual deserves a miserable disposition. Moses taught through a story format that complaining is averse to Universal Law and that Karmic Bonds may be instantly appended.

The ego thrives on fantasy and negative emotions. Fear leads to anger, and anger leads to jealousy and hate. The ego is only concerned for itself that deceives the individual to pursue a self contained isolated lifestyle.

Our focus of perception determines our reality

Isolation for a person who dwells at a lower level of consciousness is completely debilitating for the self-esteem and generates extreme selfishness. For the advanced spiritual person that dwells at a higher level of consciousness solitude is energetically refreshing. The bottom line is to change the inner heart condition so that our aura and intellectual abilities vibrate on a level of positive perception.

Steps to Increase the Level of Positive Perception?

Take one day out of the week to pursue spiritual interests

  • Study spiritual scriptures, or books that are of a higher level of consciousness
  • Practice Yoga Postures and Breathing
  • Learn to Meditate
  • Seek out a stranger to help randomly
  • Fast the entire day, or only eat fruit
  • Give of you Time and Money to someone in need
  • Pursue some sort of physical activity such as bicycling

All of the above can break down ingrained negativity and selfishness.

Behaviors that Engrain Negativity in a Disposition:

  • Poor Diet Based on Animal Products and poor quality Bread
  • Non Filtered Water
  • A Lazy Lifestyle that avoids physical activity
  • High Definition Television
  • Hand Held Gaming
  • HD Video Games

It is vital for the new spiritual seeker to take one day off of selfish interests and pursue spirituality. Giving one day will train the inner heart to serve the powers of the light and helping your fellow citizen as a practice of self-sacrifice. The most common feature of selfishness today around the world is “Time” — giving of personal time to help others is exceptional toward the powers of the light.

Take one day out of the week to pursue spiritual interests and increase your positive perception

As each culture varies, by subjectively observing the disposition of the majorities there is no doubt that the lower entities have manipulated the emotional reality that is causing anger that leads into depression and bitterness, low self-esteem that causes worry, hopelessness and inadequacy, and fear that weakens will-power and causes paralyzed will. All these negativities opposes a positive perception of reality.

The bottom line is to change the inner heart condition so that our aura and intellectual abilities vibrate on a level of positive consciousness

Many articles on the internet will point to just changing your perception. That is a start in the right direction, but more is required to attain a Balanced Homeostasis that will aid in increasing spirituality and a positive outlook. Positive thinking relates to our behaviors such as food and drink intake, our inner love for others, our inner determination for spiritual interests. It is vital to increase the ability to forgive ourself and our fellow citizen. This world is increasingly cultivating emotions of bitterness and resentment that parallel the prime emotion of anger. The timid inefficient disposition of the masses generates a wishy-washy “whatever” attitude that relates to the prime emotion of Paralyzed Will and Fear. Shame is just around the corner that calibrates the lowest on the Map of Consciousness.

For the individual to overcome a negative non-spiritual disposition — personal attachments must be surrendered, and a positive perception is required for the cultivation of integrity, determination, courage, and selfless action.