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Strive for Contentment within the Moment of Consciousness

Inner Contentment dwells within relaxation and a spiritual meditative sense of the moment—a slow rhythmic nature. It is crucial to experiencing the dynamic moment to fully comprehend the animalistic nature of the ego. The emotional baggage of the world relates to simulating action. Multitudes of people will experience guilt if time is wasted. An accelerated nature is in opposition to a relaxed content soul.

Among the world experiences the domination of stimulates within the context of desire, laziness, and emotional stagnation in relation to confronting life on the terms of responsibility. The world continually pursues materialism that cultivates greed and corruption.

Grasping the moment is key to understanding the animalistic nature of the ego

Television and video games induce high hypnotic Alpha brain levels that germinate a want of heart and an inner dissatisfaction. Television germinates a passive mind that weeds out a motivation to read comprehensibly and inhibits the ability to effectively problem solve. The energetic attractor field and the entrainment of the atmosphere of the media is gracefully accepted into the homes of humanity. The media is brainwashing humanity with a dubious level of deception.

All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire. —Aristotle

Contentment reveals itself through comprehending the depths of ourselves, accepting ourselves, recognizing our true identity—the inner spirit. Striving to reside within the moment pertains to a content heart—the ego hates the moment—the content of past or future fantasy the ego thrives after. Relaxation is a foreigner among a stressed world of economics. Thus, spiritual reliance is void because of an attachment to the duality of formation.