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Subjugate Fantasy and Daydreaming and Face your Reality!

Daydreaming, fantasy Fantasy and Imagination tend to rule the mind especially because the media creates a tremendous amount of movies, and books based on fiction. Fantasy correlates living outside of the moment. The moment is the dynamic nature of reality; however, the reality of the individual that dwells at a lower level of consciousness will be vulnerable to fantasy which is a mind altering behavior. The majority of society does not dwell in the moment. The common perception of reality is remaining stuck in the past, or people are living in the future.

The Definition:

1. the faculty or activity of imagining things, esp. things that are impossible or improbable: his research had moved into the realm of fantasy.
• the product of this faculty or activity: the scene is clearly fantasy.
• a fanciful mental image, typically one on which a person dwells at length or repeatedly and which reflects their conscious or unconscious wishes: the notion of being independent is a child’s ultimate fantasy.
• an idea with no basis in reality: it is a misleading fantasy to suggest that the bill can be implemented.
• a genre of imaginative fiction involving magic and adventure, esp. in a setting other than the real world.

Origin: From the 16th to the 19th centuries the Latinized spelling phantasy was also used.

Interconnected to Boredom and Fantasy:

Fantasy is interconnected with boredom and loneliness that causes humanity to search for a form of escape from the real into the unreal; consequently, the unreal fantasy does not exist. Henceforth, if the reality of this world is stressed, negative, troubled, and filled with anxiety – serenity becomes the fantasy. Daydreaming, fantasizing, romanticizing, and wishing, are related with human emotion: yearning, desire, hope, wonder, contemplation, even joy. Fantasizing can relate to ambition, aspiration, intention, and the creation of setting goals and objectives. Thus, positive and negative can emanate from fantasy.

The damaging and detrimental context is that Fantasy contradicts the moment of reality. The majority of humanity will never live out their ‘dream’, which precipitates depression, disappointment, and a melancholia existence when ‘the dream’ is used as an extreme focus. In addition, fantasy is a defense instrument against abuse, hopeless disagreeable situations, and from a reality linked with a low level of consciousness. Under severe circumstances fantasy, including the ego, aids a youth to cope with harsh conditions that one might be subjected under. Daydreaming, the preoccupation of abstraction diverts an individuals reality from the current moment. The question must be asked: why is humanity strongly motivated to distract the moment of reality? The subject of fantasy is an absolute natural occurrence, but a dynamic to overcome to advance spiritually.

Fantasy is about the delusion of the absolute reality of totality

The context of fantasy is a disadvantage that distracts the individual from the moment. Ordinary people living ordinary lives are distracted from the moment through fiction movies, books, and video games, except during times of discomfort such as hunger or acute pain – body pain dictates the moment. In the world today, distraction is at a paramount level through television, the movie industry clearly manifests the attraction of fantasy. Could it be that the reality and existence of humanity are mundane causing an alteration of the moment? The answer to the subject of fantasy is located within the context of time.

Living in a world of duality, time is linear – progressing from one stage to the other, such as sleeping from nighttime to the morning. Time in the spirit world is nonlinear – the sense of time is timeless. The reality of tomorrow or even next week has already taken place in the spirit world. This explains intuition, sensing something before it happens. The explanation relates to our inner spirit (soul) and the communication our inner spirit receives in the spirit world from the Sacred Spirits. Therefore, true absolute reality of the moment for the majority extremely distant because of the continual avoidance of the concise moment. Indeed, the absolute totality of reality dwells with the Almighty Divine. The only way to remain in the moment is to increase consciousness. Considering that tomorrow has occurred the spirit world – the Prophets could cast predictions by being granted into a time loop. There is different size time loops, from small to large. A person of a high level of consciousness can access a time loop and foresee the context of the future.

The context of fantasy is a disadvantage that distracts the individual from the moment – consciousness is the moment

The Prophets around the world, historically, taught that humanity dwells under a delusion. Assuredly, this is true in context – deception and delusion from the absolute totality of reality the average person are distant. Yet, when a person experiences discomfort, as in pain, the moment is manifested. Everything is subjective to the inner formless spirit. Consequently, non-duality, nonlinear, non-constructed time and the supernatural remain a dreamland and a fantasy for the deluded that resides at an average and low level of consciousness.

Fantasy is about the delusion of the absolute reality of totality. Thus, humans naturally fantasize concerning objects, situations, locations, and environments – romanticizing concerning love and relationships, affairs, sex, and affection, are predominant themes. Infatuation is a powerful mind altering chemical that drugs the brain, which is interconnected with fantasy. Infatuation releases intoxicating brain chemicals that directly induces fantasy; chocolate releases the same type of brain chemical in small dosages. Fantasy, boredom, loneliness, and infatuation are interconnected energies, acting out the script of illusion. Fantasy produces a unique brain chemical addicting that relates to infatuation and is very addicting.

This clearly explains why most of society struggles to remain in the moment. Using a listening ear based on subjective observation; verbal expressions are futuristic other than the moment of time. Tentative planning is beneficial, although a fearful expectation, preconceived ideas, joyful expectations, romanticizing, daydreaming, and fantasizing causes disappointment and depression, which are negative energies.

The damaging and detrimental context is that Fantasy contradicts the moment of reality

There is a measure of truth within the movies and books of fiction. Star Wars for instance, provides hidden secrets, although difficult to recognize. The context and qualities of becoming a Jedi is directly related to breaking the human cycle. Cultivating patience, living a life of non-attachment, feeling our inner spirit within and acting on inner intuition, contrasting, living in the mind. Since the truth of reality grips people with solid inner fear, stories of fantasy blend with the context of truth, and can teach the spiritual seeker.

There is a purpose for everything and a reason why each situation occurs, simultaneously, all actions take place in the dynamic moment.

The Positive Side of Fantasy:

Daydreaming and fantasy can manifest what you want in life and other times it can keep a person stuck in life. The positive side of Fantasy pertains to intention. The majority that dwells at a lower level of consciousness creates “a dream,” possibly about traveling the world or living in an area that is considered paradise; it is easy to think the grass is greener on the other side. Most people will never experience their “dream” because they have created a complicated life of financial debt and overwhelmed with materialistic objects.

If you consciously and joyously imagine what you want, you are participating in creating what you want, but only if you pursue the goal. Since the evil controllers of the world have manipulated the economics and the disposition of the consumer, the majorities are enslaved by their emotional baggage, financial debt, and an overly complicated life.

When you use fantasy and daydreaming to submerge and avoid your reality, then fantasy, and Daydreaming become addictive.

Overcoming Fantasy:

The way to experience the dynamic moment of reality is to transcend the ego and increase your level of consciousness. The ego creates strong attachments to the content of love, fantasy, and mindless thinking. Comprehending the realism of Divine knowingness and the radical subjectivity of the moment will aid at subjecting the super imposition of the ego. The ego thrives on the grandstanding of love obejects and repetitive rehashing of fanciful imaginary content of love and fantasy. Your ego may be in love with fantasy.

Acknowledge Your Reality:

Acknowledging and accepting your reality will depend on your individual situation. A large percentage of humanity dwells with problems relating to addictions, obsessions, emotional problems, and a host of other disagreeable elements. Most of humanity will avoid to comprehend their personal reality because living within the delusional matrix; paralyzed will prevents a breaking-out from the deception of the worldly matrix. The spiritual seeker must acknowledge and face reality that allows the progression of spiritual growth. An advanced level of spirituality dwells within a positive reality, and the goal is to experience radical subjectivity and the totality of Divine presence.

Steps to Facing your Reality:
  • Study Spiritual Content
  • Keep fantasies to a minimum
  • Learn to Meditate and value the Moment
  • Accept your life situation and Reality
  • Claim your Identity and Accept Your Inner Person
  • Stop unreal fantasies and obsessions
  • Start some physical activities
  • Avoid Isolation – Associating with others is very important

Cultivating a view that “all third dimensional elements are subjective” to our inner spirit can aid to recognize the ego’s narcissistic behavior. Increasing consciousness and releasing emotional baggage are essential to experience the radical subjectivity of the dynamic moment of Divine reality and in-turn Subjugate Fantasy and Daydreaming.