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Why a Suffering World.

Within life there are a couple questions that everyone seems to ask. Why is there so much suffering in the world? Why does wickedness and evil exist within this world?

Many people in life don’t want to look at the concept of why we see so much suffering. With most worldwide calamities, the public often becomes fearful of the future, ends up with dread; not knowing what to do with the feelings. Due to the Dogma of the world religions most people see death as death and cannot understand why is there so much suffering. The question most expressed: If God is love why does he allow wickedness and suffering?

Within the Greek scriptures the love of the Almighty Divine through Jesus is manifested. We learn that the opposite of the darkness is Love and Faith, Ego-less. Thus, writing about the strongest quality of the Divine, the apostles wrote that God is love. From this, many today see this as one sided, that the Divine is only of love; which results in confusion when a person observes all the wickedness and bad situations that we observe in the world.

Observing death, natural disasters, wickedness of mankind, even a wicked inclination within oneself; most people end up with fear, shame, judged, and down right depressed because they don’t understand the personality of the Almighty Divine Godhead.

Fear, dread, and judgment is what stops a person from understanding the laws of karma that the universe is subjected to. When a person mentions karma, most think of the eastern beliefs of India. Consequently, westerners – most notably Christians – cannot except the idea because the dogma they’ve been taught. The term “karma” was never used in the bible. The term “ego” also was never used. The term sin was used extensively which the definition doesn’t even make sense. The question that must be asked, was the idea of karma ever taught in the Hebrew and Greek scriptures?

Moses clearly showed the curses that would befall mankind if the commandments were not observed. Deuteronomy chapter 28 clearly shows, due to human behavior, curses will befall the one who does not learn what love is. Love is action toward our fellowman and the Divine Creator. Since our world continually attaches themselves to Idolatry and breaking the commandments regarding our fellowman; our world, including individuals receive their karma (good or bad), according to each person’s behavior, and as a group or country.

The story of King David is a fine example of karma being received within a person’s lifetime. Jesus when condemning the Scribes and Pharisees certainly was referring to karma, also the story regarding Judas. The idea that a person is living out their karma from a past life, is a teaching that’s taught in Tibetan Buddhism: is the very truth of life, absolutely correct. Christianity and Islam cannot except this because of their dogma and fear.

Love works with Justice. True Justice resides with the Divine and not mankind. Suffering is related with teaching. Suffering can teach what love is through discipline. The scriptures is filled with verses regarding the children of light being disciplined to teach what love and faith is. Then they will call on the Divine and say, the Almighty is their master and in return the Almighty will say that they are his children. The children of darkness have no need to go through this type of suffering. They love selfishness and greed, and are accursed with the destiny of the wicked world after the judgment time, being separate from the Divine love, although existing on the power of the darkness.

The children of light are put through tests and trials, which form their heart condition of love and faith. Many have to go through harsh uncomfortable situations, which will test them, to see if they will be faithful and continue pursuing a relationship with the Divine. Consequently, suffering serves as a purpose which points to the good. When something good or bad happens, the first thing a person should do is question the situation. In what way does faith play a role? When something “bad” might happen to a person, many will turn around and blame the Divine. As a result, the person cannot understand why they are affected with some sort of calamity, which produces more karma for themselves by blaming and complaining. Realizing that everything happens for a reason and points to the good; the person should be able to get a glimpse of Divine direction. Many cannot realize this, because the anger of the Divine is against them, which in reality is Divine direction. Thus, they sink lower and receive harsh karma over and over.

Most cannot understand this because they fail to search for the deeper things of the Divine’s personality, which many different parts of the truth reside in all the scripture that exist around the world. Being glued to the Koran, new testament, and others scripture, a person will never come to an accurate knowledge of the truth, and never understand the personality of the Almighty Divine Creator. All things come from the Divine Creator. Love next to selfishness. The prey next to the predator.

A persons actions (good or bad) results in karma. Now! in each moment is the time to seek knowledge, act wisely, go out of your way for the stranger, seek Divine love. Acting now will produce good karma in this life and the next.


5 responses to “Why a Suffering World.”

  1. A.V. Michaels

    Regardless what beliefs or dogma one has, it’s nice to see we can all agree that love is the Way! Thanks for this.

  2. ClearlyEnlight

    The bottom line is Faith and Love. Love being action next to word. Thanks for the comment.

  3. kebelle

    yes, love and faith, as well as justice, mercy and compassion.

  4. Allen

    Wickedness and evil are but human symbols and concepts. Without our judgment things are what they are. Is a lion evil because it preys on an innocent lamb? Is a tsunami wicked because many people die? Humans attach meaning to that which has no meaning. The drama unfolds how it wants to. It’s like a movie and in the end you simply walk out of the theater. Who cares, just enjoy the storyline.

  5. ClearlyEnlight

    Allen, The battle is the darkness against the light. The public in the world doesn’t want to look at this. The Ego is the source of darkness that leads into selfishness and greed. All things come from the source, including the lion, a tsunami. Most people cannot accept this concept because they don’t want to believe in Karma, nor that this is a part of the personality of the Almighty Source. The drama will unfold according to choice, because that is what has been given to mankind.