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Surrendering the Dualities of the World

The vision of the minds-eye through the human body within the third dimension observes a variety of dualities such as governments, religions, and cultures. Within these different dualities multiple sub-dualities of “Formation” exist within the prime subjects such as the deceiving dogma of opposites.

Transcending the view of multiple dualities within our 3rd dimension may assist in raising the consciousness and observing the bigger picture of the spirit world. Beyond the Dualities of the world of formation only two sides exist—The Light and the Darkness which oppose one another.

When you live in surrender, something comes through you into the world of duality that is not of this world. —Eckhart Tolle

The Omnipresent Divine Source dwells as the Oneness and Allness that Illuminates existence; yet, the Source personified the light but in context the darkness. Two Sides manifested itself within the spirit world through The Divine Plan of wisdom. The content of the Ego’s positionality and its super imposition thrives within the darkness and multiple dualities such as conflicting religions, governments, and cultures that resides at lower level of consciousness. The spiritual student should strive to raise their level of consciousness beyond the formation of dualities to experience the absolute realism of an “Observer and Witness” within the Radical Subjectivity of Consciousness.

Beyond the Dualities of the world of formation only two sides exist—The Light and the Darkness which oppose one another

Transcending the dualities of the world of formation is crucial to experiencing a higher level of spirituality. It is essential to surrender the super imposition that attaches onto the material world and the ego’s kaleidoscope that appends to attractions, fears, and transient pleasures.

The inner formless spirit, which is the seat of motivation, attaches itself to the dualities that exist within the third dimension such as Politics, Religious Dogma, Influential (phony) Leaders, indulgence with Money Food Sex, and futile issues such as an individual deluded thinking they can save the world. Through surrendering the context of worldly duality, the ego’s vanities of opinionation switch to supporting the Light against the Darkness. The ego’s selfish axioms deceive the individual to the distinctive illusions of world dualities. Recontexualization of the Ego’s Narcissistic Personality should be a primary focus, which in-turn, allows the Inner Spirit to cultivate spiritual qualities such as Faith, Integrity, and Love, which in-turn, motivates the Inner Spirit to surrender this world and its dualities that cause delusion.

Transcending the dualities of the world of formation is crucial to experiencing a higher level of spirituality

Comprehending that affirmative spirituality resides within the Radical Subjectivity of Consciousness, the individual will endeavor to recontexualize the distinctive illusions of the ego’s axioms that germinate arguments of duality and creates illusional positional temporary perception of content. Referring to content such as a video game—the ego cannot decipher the difference between real or unreal. The Ego’s emotions are affected upon losing the non-real video game. Duality creates a winner or loser, yet the context of the subject is immaterial because the game is pointless according to a higher level of consciousness.

Those who are free from pride and delusion, who have conquered the evil of attachment, who are constantly dwelling in the Supreme Being with all lust completely stilled, who are free from dualities of pleasure and pain; such wise ones reach My Supreme Abode. —Bhavavad Gita 15.05

Pride creates the predominant motivating factor that attaches the individual to the dualities of this world. Fear is the paralyzing emotion that prevents the relinquishing of worldly attachments. The Anointed Master Jesus and the Apostles John, Peter, and Paul continually taught that this world is dominated by the darkness and anyone who loves the world is an enemy of the Light. Spirituality within the Consciousness of Light pertains to subjectivity which is Radical that completely contradicts the world of duality. As the student progresses toward a higher level of spirituality, the individual will neutralize as a Witness and Observer contrasting the ego’s content of Watcher and Experiencer. Independent Spiritual progression should be focused at subjecting material form, the dualities of politics, religions, cultures, and all senseless conflicts that humanity pursues. Surrendering the dualities of this world may assist overcoming the affliction of depression, fear, loneliness, and boredom.

The requirement of cultivating a scrupulous and dedicated focus relating to progressing spiritually and increasing consciousness will produce a reality of non-duality while living within a world of multiple senseless dualities.