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Surrendering the Attachment and Programing of the Media Cinema Industry

detach from TV and Movie addiction Independent Spirituality requires detachment and surrendering of emotional baggage for our level of consciousness to increase. The 20th century invented and advanced story telling on a screen. The advancements of technology of the 20th century is unique compared to the thousands of years humans have lived on the earth. The cinema industry is a multi-billion dollar production with a foundation to make a profit through entertainment. To accomplish high profits the industry must remove an individual from their current reality and draw them into a reality of fantasy. Most frequently, the cinema industry manipulates the emotional reality by using empathy for the main characters. Through passive entertainment that causes increased food consumption, the emotional reality is manipulated through building negative congested emotions.

The new HD/3D/Smart televisions are built to cause a powerful “TV Addiction”

Undoubtedly, movie making is a great populace art form comparing to the thousands of years Homo Sapiens have existed. The first silent movies, an era from 1894-1929, drew major audiences into grand theaters. The Great Train Robbery (1903), was the first narrative movie, one that told a story. Produced by Thomas Edison but directed and filmed by Edison Company employee Edwin S. Porter, the 12-minute-long silent film, The Great Train Robbery’s popularity led directly to the opening up of permanent movie theaters.The Great Train Robbery was hugely popular with audiences. The approximately twelve minutes of film that starred Gilbert M. “Broncho Billy” Anderson was played across the country in 1904 and then played in the first nickelodeons (theaters in which movies cost a nickel to see) in 1905. The silent movie era ended in 1929 with the Jazz Singer as a Talking movie.

Up until the 1950’s, most movies during the 1930s and 40s consisted of musical dancing films, the movies were wholesome with silly themes. The cinema movie industry changed drastically by producing 28 alien invasion movies along with movies that emotional impacted society with violence in the 1950s. Nowadays, despite some positive movies, there is a long list of negative horror and violent movies including TV shows that are designed to dumb down society. Most movies and TV shows are skillfully produced to generate negative emotions related to the “reality” being present on the screen, yet a fantasy.

There are some movies and documentaries that are beneficial and educational to watch, however choosing selectively with discernment is crucial so that the emotional reality will be affected on a positive level.

The sole purpose of the cinema industry that includes all major studios are to dominate the collective consciousness during the era when the separation between the light and the darkness will occur. Spreading a fear-based message rather than a love based message programs the collective consciousness into negative attitudes. The enlightened individual that is seeking an advanced level of spirituality will recognize the negative. The collective consciousness are vulnerable to the negativity that the media produces because of their delusion to the truth and separation from spirituality, henceforth; the negative impact upon the emotional reality impact a negative attitude of the mind .

Choose your media entertainment carefully. Be aware and use discernment. Don’t succumb to the invisible powers of the darkness that wants to control your focus and emotional reality. Use diligence to surrender the attachment to the TV and watching negative movies, a person may still be hooked into the clutches of a bad habit. The following affirmation can help break the bonds of a media addiction that also includes pornography.

According to the book Media Now: Understanding Media, Culture, and Technology, “effects on children are a special concern, because youngsters have trouble distinguishing between the real world and the world of the small screen. To the child’s mind, if the coyote character in the Saturday-morning TV cartoon recovers instantly from a bash on the head, then the same should be true for little brother.

Surrender the attachment:

It is best to meditate first and visualize detaching on the above subject within the context of surrender.

Say the following affirmation out-loud:

As the Universe is my witness, I _____ of my own free will now break all attachments to my television and its projections.
I surrender the power and enslavement that the television induces upon my inner spirit and consciousness.
I choose now to focus on love for the planet, love of my inner spirit, love for my community, love for my family and friends, and love for human body.

Goodbye media giants, goodbye news creators, goodbye senseless fantasies, goodbye soap-operas, goodbye artificial limitations.

I choose to separate myself from media control through the process of surrender.

I now release and dissolve any programming that I may have accepted that is not for my Divine highest good.
I rescind any contracts made by accepting this programming.
I permanently dissolve this energetic imprint from my inner spirit and consciousness.

You may use this affirmation as often as needed relating to surrender negative exposure of media energetic imprints (movies, music, news, TV shows etc…) from your inner spirit.


The multinational corporations, who is a branch of the Illuminati, exert power over billion of citizens including those employed directly and indirectly. The media giants are only concerned about making money which is billions of dollars, at the same time, damaging the global environment. Sophisticated ads lie to the viewer and use emotionally manipulated technology. The news media forcefully present fear based propaganda and twisted truths. The deluded majorities trust them! They believe the propaganda that lures people into buying what they do not need and lead the consumer into debt.

The bottom line is if nobody would eat fast food, those fast food corporations would not exist.

The state of our reality is affect by what we consume with our eyes, ears, and stomach. Most material the media corporations release to the public is negative. Out state of our reality is our responsibility, we can surrender anger and fear, and above all use wisdom when we choose.