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Symbolism of Religion

Throughout life any person with a little discernment should be able to see that religion is related with dominating its members with rules upon rules upon rules that are meant to control their members. When the manifestation of emotions such as fear, shame, guilt, anger and egoism are abundant, those negative qualities should revel that there are lower entities that are receiving the worship and have control over the religion. Symbolism of each religion should give a clear indicator who is behind receiving and controlling the religion. The answer is in our galaxy within the asteroid belt. The Planets that exist are Mars (Baal) Venus (Ishtar) Sun (Shamish/utu) Moon (Sin/Artemis-Diana) and then Small little Mercury (the word of light).

The cross of Christianity symbolizes the two Shamish/Utu and Ishtar/Ashtoreth. Two paths “crossing” through the other relates to war regarding the cross. Judaism with the six pointed star symbolizes Baal. Islam with the Crested Moon and the five pointed Star symbolizes Sin and Ishtar, Sin the Moon god dominates Islam. The five and/or seven pointed star symbolizes Ishtar/Ashtoreth. The symbol of Judaism is two pyramids one upright and the other upside down. The reason there were pyramid type of structures all over the world is because the pyramid symbolizes the lower entities rule and dominance in this world and the organization of the lower entities of the darkness.

Within religion there are many honest hearted members, which within that path many have changed their lives, thus religion does serve for a purpose. It has a two fold purpose to help a person grow in some faith and knowledge to a certain point. For many that have been in their religion for year after year, the religion ends up being a road block from experiencing a close deep meaningful relationship with the Divine.

Strong emotional attachment will keep a person from letting go and completely detaching which might will result in losing friends, changing life style, being “alone” in life. The lower entities very well know what can keep people stuck due to emotional attachment and playing on the human “wants” and desires.

When a person has a close deep relationship with the Divine, loneliness or being alone does not exist.

Every religion breaks the first two commandments and thus creates a road block.