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Taking Responsibility and Surrendering Self-Judgment

We are born into a world within a particular culture of positive and negative energies that affect our inner emotional and outer mental disposition. The disposition of the unconscious mind and inner heart dictates our motivation and inclination toward ourself, other humans, and the overall attitude and perception of reality. Other terminologies of the inner heart are “soul, higher self, inner self, inner spirit” all terminologies advert to the same subject —the inner formless spirit.

Once our current body dies, our inner spirit continues to live. Yet, life after death will have its positive and negative qualities according to the universal law of karma. This is a difficult concept for the Western World because of the lack of assuming responsibility.

Responsibility is a key attribute for spiritual progression. The western world has slipped into an egocentric disposition that creates an attitude of Entitlement, in turn generates a non-caring attitude. This non caring mentality cares only about oneself that falls into the camp of the powers of the darkness (egocentric).

The ego directly prevents an individual from assuming responsibility for their own actions

An individual who is selfish about their time and money and only an opportunist who refuses to take responsibility experiences spiritual emptiness and a (disconnected inner self) lonely disposition. Instant Gratification predominates as the lost inner soul continually experiences dissatisfaction. This form a greed is very common within the world.

Cultivating qualities such as courage, faith, bravery, and taking responsibility are vital to experience a deep connection our inner spirit and The Divine Spirit.

Another crucial aspect to spiritual progression is taking in knowledge. Passive addictive activities such as the television dominate the world and generate a dull mind; it is important to seek spiritual cognizance through non-bias studying of the scriptures that exist throughout the world.

Everyone is on their own unique path in life. All humans are at different spiritual levels. There are some people who do not have any interest in spirituality. The reason — many spirits entered the human cycle from the spirit world corrupted from the darkness.

Atheism is like a plague upon many cultures around the world; materialism, obsession over money, non-moderated food intake, and chasing after fleshly addictions predominate over a genuine spiritual disposition. The radiance that illuminates existence is completely strange and foreign to who attaches on the ego’s commentary of life of the mind and grandstands the emotionalizing of vanities and opinions.

Who is Responsible for Your Life?

You Are!

Taking responsibility for former life occurrences such as loss and trauma also is crucial for spiritual growth. Allowing bitterness and remaining resentful only generates negative emotional baggage and dark energetic imprints within our inner spirit.

An individual who can view a current or past situation of loss and trauma as a life challenge that is a part of spiritual growth will be able to move on without stuffing negative emotional baggage.

If the spiritual seeker can find the compassion of forgiveness within their heart during a current situation of pain and agony physically or emotionally, then negative emotional baggage and energetic imprints cannot store within our inner spirit.

Two examples to learn from concerning Responsibility are the stories of King Saul comparing with King David.

Overcoming Self-Judgment:

The Ego is an animalistic sly energy of darkness that is complacent and is completely complicated to figure out. Not only does the ego strive for selfish attention, the ego will also play the victim. The mind and ego plays upon the emotional reality to cause judgments about oneself that creates conclusions and criticisms that germinate a paralyzed will and low self-esteem of oneself.

Self-Judgment can be spiritually destructive. For some people, it is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. Self-Judgment produces shame, guilt, and unworthiness; accompanied by, caustic negative self talk that results in a cultivation of pointless inner dialog of arguments and adversity.

It is spiritually pivotal to detach from destructive self-judgments which is one of the main impediments for a spiritual seeker to connect with the inner spirit. Hidden core beliefs from childhood and media propaganda create a perception of reality that is a delusion that contrasts the subjective awareness that is devoid of content but all present within the context of divinity.

Pursuing positive spirituality can break down negative self-judgments, which stem from a low frequency attitude that is become widespread around the world. Self judgments generate a judgmental attitude toward others, and the ego attaches onto the axioms that causes an illusion.

No one can change past behavior. It is a waste of time to dwell or be in fear of possible karmic bonds of past injurious behaviors. Accept the responsibility and pursue spiritual behavior. One way to start behaving spiritually is to take an interest in others and overcome your selfishness relating to your time.

There are many challenges according to karmic bonds that each individual will face throughout our lives, everyone is on their own path.

Accepting Responsibility in life, and overcoming negative self-judgment will increase virtue to your spiritual seeking path.