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Practicing of Mindfulness to Increase Awareness

Practicing mindfulness increases awarenessThe Practice of Mindfulness contradicts the current overstimulated world that encourages to rush about instead of slow down and remain calm, aware, and contemplative. Mindfulness relates to remaining in the moment and will assist the individual to conquer fearful thoughts from preconceived fanciful ideas. The powers of the darkness has created a world of fear. Each culture will vary according to the level and kind of fear that causes paralyzed will. Fearful expectations of preconceived notions dominates the majority around the world.

The overstimulated world directly opposes the Practice of Mindfulness.

mindfulness |ˈmīndfəlnəs|
1 the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something: their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition.
2 a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Individuals who are aware and fully remain in the moment experience contentment and grace

Living and remaining in the moment consists of calmness, introspection, and meditative contemplation. As the majority of the world pursues attachments of materialism, prejudices, and instant gratification, there is a minority that is seeking an advanced level of spirituality and practicing mindfulness. An individual that says “what if” is a fanciful futuristic notion that generates Paralyzed Will that stems from insecurity and fear. As the Will Power becomes paralyzed, the individuals courage is broken into a fearful inadequate weakling that remains depressed and spiritually defeated. The individual will be subjected to the over-stimulated world of HD Television, addicting video games, fatty processed foods, dramatizing life situations into high stressful affairs, and more distressing situations that completely submerge and bury a peaceful content disposition. The fast moving world of economics and materialism opposes practicing mindfulness and remaining within the moment.

The Practice of Mindfulness trains the mind to remain in the moment. The mind will disallow thoughts from yesterday or futuristic fanciful dream thoughts

Comprehending the challenge to practice mindfulness and remain in the moment requires action to achieve such a lifestyle. Awareness requires the individual to focus on the moment. The individual must problem-solve effectively as each situation occurs within their life. You can attain Awareness through slowing down your life rhythm and only focus on today, and avoid attachment to the past or worrying about the future. Honesty about our true needs the person who practices mindfulness will avoid chasing after and obsessing about materialism, food, drinking, and other fleshly behaviors.

Cultivating inner faith relates to awareness and mindfulness. Practicing Mindfulness also refines a non-judgmental and non-evaluative observation of others. Today, the Grandiose level of society is completely aloof that harshly judges their fellow citizen. Many people believe their lifestyle is superior, they have the solutions for the world, and complain how others are living life erroneously. Grandiose aloofness works against cultivating awareness and mindfulness.

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally

It is a challenge to train the mind daily to avoid wandering off in every direction. Lusting after materialism and daily needs of life with a perception of survival creates fear that will serve as a delusion. People dwelling in the delusion are unaware of how they automatically act-out the themes of the ego: Playing the Victim, Seeking Control, and The Special Self (self-absorbed). Mindfulness reminds our life force to live courageously and identifies the secret actions of the ego that allows the individual to transcend and bridle the egocentric behaviors into its proper place.

Actions Assisting The Practice of Mindfulness:

  • Meditation
  • Journalling
  • Yoga Breathing/Poses/Exercises
  • Bicycling/Running/Walking Meditation
  • Backpacking/Camping/meditating alone in a forest
  • Eating a Raw food or Vegan diet

A combination of the above actions will assist in practicing mindfulness.

Physical exercise slows down the rapid stream of thoughts and cause the lungs to breath more deeply which creates clarity of the mind. The resistance of any form of practice that helps cultivate awareness is an indicator that your mind is struggling because of a repressed subconscious thought or memory and will cause emotional pain once you experience the thought. Most people that keep themselves continually busy that creates this manic mind-set are avoiding a painful thought. The process to cultivate and practice mindfulness and awareness may be emotionally painful, yet processing through those emotions will slowly raise the level of consciousness.

The majorities are on the easy broad road that avoids emotional pain through numbing music, mindless television, addicting video games, and a continual busy overstimulated lifestyle; behaviors that suppress spiritual growth. Many people are miserably comfortable with their negative emotional baggage.

Cultivating and practicing mindfulness connects you with your inner self and the intention and motivations of the heart. You will recognize when your actions are out of sync with your intent. Within an overstimulated world, it is easy to get stuck within a lower level of consciousness through unhealthy ruts. Healthy morning and evening routines will establish your intent and increase and maintain a healthy level of consciousness. Practicing Mindfulness sustains an advanced level of spirituality.