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Independent Spirituality

  • Conquering Fear and Experience Grace

    Fear dominates humanity around the world. The negative emotion of fear is crippling the world in a state of Paralyzed Will. Other negative emotions that dominate cultures and the individual emotional realities are Guilt and Shame. Fear plays a script on different levels according to the teaching of the culture, parents, and media propaganda. Facing […]

  • Advancing Your Spirituality Through Modalities and Techniques

    There is a Universal Truth and Universal Law that exists. If your intention is clear to learn based from a honest a whole-hearted desire, anybody can learn this universal truth. Infinity is limitless, inexhaustible, and everlasting. Infinity is the Divine Source of all creation. Western religions refer to Infinity as “God”, generally, the perception of […]

  • Increasing Spirituality: The Power of a Positive Perception

    The path of ignorance is guided by fear and negativity that opposes a Positive Perception. The saying “ignorance is bless” is a deception from the concise reality of the moment. Engulfed within the confines of a ‘comfort zone’ the individual perception of reality may be comforting; however, once the individual strives out of their comfort […]